Jane Birkin and Charlotte Gainsbourg
Interesting read about Occupy Wall Street, by James Wolcott in Vanity Fair. Excerpt: 

Awakened this morning to the news that deep in the shame of night the New York City police, under orders from billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg, swarmed upon the activist campgrounds of Zuccotti Park and uprooted Occupy Wall Street, removing tents, tarps, and sleeping bags, arresting scores of resisting protesters and strong-arming journalists, and heaving the thousands of donated books in the O.W.S. library into dump trucks, which as a piece of political optics evoked the tactics of authoritarian regimes, though it was later learned that the books were safely stored. (Here is a firsthand report of the library confiscation by Stephen Boyer at the Occupy Wall Street Library site.) A court order was issued instructing the city to let the protesters return to the park, but this afternoon it stood empty and surrounded, a barren symbol of Bloomberg’s third term. And now comes word that the protesters are being allowed back into the park in an orderly single file, like the customers at Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi restaurant, but with the proviso that tents, sleeping bags, generators, and other installations are now prohibited, leaving O.W.S. at the mercy of winter, shorn of necessities and insulation. If the forced evacuation of Zuccotti Park was the end of chapter one in the O.W.S. saga, chapter two has begun, and we shall see if new life has been breathed into the movement now that the powers-that-be have shown their seizing hand.